Research Topics


research topics

Research is the path to understanding—a path everyone should walk.



Research and the pursuit of knowledge is limitless and unbounded–therefore the duties of the student can never be retired–rather, they should be honored on a regular basis.







  • Astronomy and Cosmology

Black Holes, The Planets


  • Biology and Zoology

Genetics, Horticulture, Ichthyology


  • Computers and the Internet

Encryption, Programming, Security


  • Economics

Banking Systems, Cryptocurrencies, Investing


  • Law and Constitutionality

The Bill of Rights, The US Constitution


  • Literature

Authors, Books, Fiction, Poetry


  • Locations

Places of Interest, Geography, Maps


  • People

People of Interest, Personalities, Biography and Autobiography


  • Philosophy

Higher Dimensions, Stoicism


  • Physics

Quantum Physics, String Theory


  • Politics

State of Jefferson


  • Religion and Spirituality

Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Satanism


  • Sightings and Phenomena

UFOs, Crop Circles, Cryptozoology


  • Strategy

Military Strategy, Game Theory


Babylon Mysteries, The Pyramids, Demonology



Photo Source: Judit Klein



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