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Reptiles with Wings

March 19, 2016 Leave a comment


Reptiles with Wings, a poem by Edward Doyle

Reptiles with Wings, a poem by Edward Doyle

By Edward Doyle


Are lust for Gold and Power not hideous spawn
Of prehistoric reptiles, that had wings?
Where e’er those crawled, they chawed all greening things
And, when they mounted, how their lengths, full drawn,
Basked barren in the sun before the dawn,
Absorbing all its rays from budding Springs?
These drain life’s dawn and by impoverishings,
Draw and reduce to pulp, frail Consciences.

Oh, yea, bewinged with legislative crime,
They bask in sunlight e’er the east sky greys,
And drag the soul of man from God’s embrace
Of rights and freedom. Oh, how long a time
Shall reptiles, deadly to the Human race,
Be let grow wings and heavenward trail their slime?



Source: Freedom, Truth, and Beauty @ Project Gutenburg

Photo Source: Paola Kizette Cimenti



The Scorn of Human Rights

February 15, 2016 Leave a comment


The Scorn of Human Rights, a poem by Edward Doyle

“Captives in Rome”, by Charles W. Bartlett

By Edward Doyle


What is the blight to spring that kills the seed
    And raises spectres, so that stars cry “See!”
    Aghast at forests, white or shadowy?
The scorn of human rights, that can but lead
The world from doom to doom! and for what mead?
    A bronze for rain and rust, or effigy
    For nibbling minutes—ah, not hours!—these flee
To life’s progression—truth and kindly deed.

Look! How this scorn holds freemen in the dark,
    Except for a flare at will that, then, the throng,
    Reduced to dust, may rise and whirl along
The lift and drop of glitter, without spark
To set the spring a-crackling with bird song,
    Till bud and angel both come out to hark!



Source: Freedom, Truth and Beauty – Sonnets by Edward Doyle @ Project Gutenberg

Image Source: Charles W. Bartlett



To Arms Shouts Freedom

February 10, 2016 Leave a comment


To Arms Shouts Freedom, a poem by Edward Doyle

“Liberty Leading the People”


By Edward Doyle


To Arms! shouts Freedom to her sons. Behold!
How, like Job’s war-horse, they gulp down the ground
To battle! What care they how foes surround?
Oh, joy to Celts, nigh half the true and bold!
There, with the roar of all their wrongs uprolled
From ancient depths, they dash with billow-bound
Up rock and summit, and through cave and mound,
Spurning both Tyrants’ steel and Treason’s gold.


No tide are they to ebb in heart and spirit.
If dashed back, they return with all the force
Of six dark sea’s momentum on its course
For vengeance on the vile, who disinherit
The human-being—shut off every source
Of happiness, or let but Serf’s draw near it!



Source: Freedom, Truth and Beauty – Sonnets by Edward Doyle @ Project Gutenberg

Image Source: Eugène Delacroix



Death Poem: Yukio Mishima

January 23, 2016 Leave a comment


Death Poem: Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima, 1956



A small night storm blows
Saying ‘falling is the essence of a flower’
Preceding those who hesitate






Photo Source: Shirou Aoyama



Death Poem: Moriya Sen’an

January 21, 2016 Leave a comment


A death poem, by Moriya Sen'an

A death poem, by Moriya Sen’an


Bury me when I die

beneath a wine barrel

in a tavern.

With luck

the cask will leak.


Ware shinaba

sakaya no kame no

shita ni ikeyo

moshi ya shizuku no





Source: Japanese Death Poems

Photo Source: Jocelyn Kinghorn