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narratives and timelines

All narratives have a progression. Put the pieces in order and see what the story has to tell you.


What happened and when? In order to the get to the root of any problem, these critical questions must be addressed.

It becomes the duty of the observer or investigator to recreate past events as thoroughly and completely as possible utilizing all facts and testimony available. Piece by piece, the skeleton of a narrative will form.

Navigate through these chronologically sequenced timelines of popular and emerging trends. These paradigm shifts are the signals of great changes emerging in our society.





Photo Source: Bertalan Szürös


Places to Find Images

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places to find images and pictures

Take the time to search and find just the right image to give life to your project.


Working on a project? Need just the right image to bring it all together? Find what you are looking for with this handy-dandy one-stop shopping list of all things images and photos.

Here you will find an ever-growing list of stock image libraries where you can either purchase premium stock photos, or find royalty-free, public domain works composed by professionals and amateurs alike.




Free Images


Royalty-Free Stock Photos


Premium Stock Photos



Photo Source: Ronald Schuster




Places to Find Free Books


download free books

Download and read some free books!



Looking for something to read? Need a textbook for a class? Before you run to the bookstore or Amazon, check the virtual shelves of the following libraries for your favorite titles and great classics.

Remeber, knowledge is power!





Academic, Education, Study


Audio Books

  • LibriVox – public domain audio books


Digital Libraries


Free Books




Literary Publications


Public Domain Listings


Science Journals and Articles


Short Stories



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Alternate Search Engines

looking for a search engine?

Looking for something? Find the right search engine for your needs!


We all know that Google, the information supergiant with a quirky name, is the primary search engine for the world at large. However, they are many other effective search engines out there. Google is not the end-all for information listings.

Make use of multiple search engines not only for the information you seek, but also for the information you create. Every search engine that lists your information or website will generate new traffic and give new people the opportunity to share in your work.

Do you know of any search engines not listed here? Please post them below in the comments section and I will update the list!


General Search




Photo Source: Kati Garner